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With the return of spring each year also comes the Festival of Passover, and the time for many Jewish families to pull out their “tried and true” Matzah ball recipes. For there could not be a Passover Seder (dinner), without Matzah ball soup. Matzah balls are Jewish soup dumplings that originated in Eastern and Central Europe. It became popular in the United States in the 19th century with the automated mass production of Matzah. Passover is the festival of freedom that commemorates the Jews exodus from slavery in Egypt and their travels to the Holy land to pursue freedom. Matzah is unleavened bread (no yeast) for the Jews had to escape Egypt quickly and did not have time for the bread to rise. Hence, Matzah and Matzah balls have become an essential part of the Passover celebration.

Matzah balls are made of Matzah meal (ground Matzah) and some combination of eggs, chicken fat, water, chicken soup, salt, and seasonings. The trick is to get just the right consistency using certain techniques, so the Matzah balls are not too heavy. For Matzah balls can either be “sinkers or floaters”, meaning they can sink to the bottom of the chicken soup bowl like a stone or float on top being light like air. Our recipe for Spice For Life's very flavorful Matzah ball soup are for “floaters." Enjoy! And remember now that Matzah is available in most grocery stores year-round, it just doesn’t have to be Passover time to enjoy this delicacy.