It is always a challenge to get kids to eat healthy meals. But one sure way to entice them is to get them involved in the preparation of the food. There are multiple benefits for involving kids in cooking. It provides them with: an opportunity to develop a sense of mastery and accomplishment; a chance to have fun working with you on a result they can share; and it can lay the groundwork for some life-long skills.

To cook with kids, start with easy recipes that are fun for all. And to keep frustrations for everyone at a minimum, remember a child’s developmental cooking skill level will differ depending upon the age of the child. So, pick an age appropriate recipe. provides a good overview of these developmental differences. However, whatever the age, messiness in cooking is part of the process. Though, kids can also be very good at helping to clean up, if you make it fun. So, Spice For Life would like to share with you with four of our favorite (mostly healthy) recipes for cooking with kids.

Four Fun and Simple Recipes:

  • An Easy Yogurt Parfait: This parfait is very simple to make, looks very pretty, tastes great, and is healthy. It can be eaten for breakfast or as a snack. The cooking skills needed to make the parfait are very elementary. Thus, even a 2-year-old can help with the mixing, adding, and placing of the ingredients.

  • Avocado Toast with Everything Bagel Blend: Kids love the color and taste of avocados. And again, this healthy recipe uses very simple cooking skills. Kids can really get into mashing up the ripe avocado with a fork, adding the other ingredients, and spreading the mixture onto a piece of toast. Our Everything Bagel Blend brings out the flavor of the avocado and adds a little crunch. This makes a great breakfast or lunch.

  • Pizza For Kids: One of kids favorite foods is pizza! And some of the wonderful things about this dish is it is nutritious and lots of fun to make. Our pizza recipe starts with any ready-made pizza dough, which can be bought at most grocery stores. Just remember to flour the baking sheet before rolling the dough out. We make our own pizza sauce using the Spice For Life Pizza Blend, which makes your pizza taste like it came straight from your favorite pizza parlor. This is a great meal for lunch or dinner.

  • Banana Split Pops: Finally, one of the “funnest” desserts you can make with your kids, which is quasi-healthy, are banana split pops. Kids can participate in all aspects of this recipe. They will have a blast rolling the frozen banana in the melted chocolate and sprinkles, while getting it all over themselves! And the end product really does look like a banana split on a stick.

Remember cooking with kids is going to be messy, but it sure can be lots of fun for everyone!!

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