Tacos are a meal that you can relish in your favorite Mexican restaurant or make in your own kitchen. The sky is the limit when it comes to how creative you want to be with the ingredients you use. Ingredients can be all sorts of fish, ground beef, chicken, eggs, tofu, carnitas (slow cooked pork shoulder), barbacoa (shredded beef), or always a favorite, taco al pastor (shaved roasted pork with pineapple). Americans eat more than 4.5 billion tacos a year. The dailymeal.com ranks America’s 75 best taco restaurants, so you might be able to find one near you. However, it just might be more fun to make your own at home, especially in this time of the Coronavirus. We at Spice For Life have a delicious traditional taco seasoning, which goes well on many types of tacos.

The origin of Tacos

Tacos, as everyone can guess, originated in Mexico. It is likely believed that tacos were originally created by the silver miners in Mexico in the late 18th century. According to food historian Jeffrey Pilcher, “In those mines the word ‘taco’ referred to the little charges they would use to excavate the ore. These were pieces of paper that they would wrap around gunpowder and insert into the holes they carved in the rock face. When you think about it, a chicken taquito with a good hot sauce is really a lot like a stick of dynamite.” However, it took Glen Bell of LA in 1962 to start the first Taco Bell, which began the taco popularity in the US. For a more in-depth history of the taco, see the article in the Smithsonian Magazine.

Spice For Life Taco Seasoning.

Our blend adds authentic flavor and a moderate amount of zip to your taco. One of the unique features of the Spice For Life Taco Seasoning is it is salt free. This is unlike the type of taco seasoning you find in a grocery store, which usually contains a significant amount of salt. Our ingredients are: chili powder, paprika, onion, garlic, cumin, brown sugar, black pepper, cayenne, and Mexican oregano. We also provide a simple “superb taco” recipe on our website that highlights our seasoning and is very easy to make with your whole family.

Remember tacos can be enjoyed on any day of the week, not just on Taco Tuesdays! And they are good for any meal: breakfast, lunch, dinner, or for a snack in front of your TV watching a favorite video.

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