With the presence of serious health issues, food is often sought out as a source of solace providing comfort during times of uncertainty. Nothing provides more comfort and warmth than a bowl of hot soup. The basis of so many good soups is homemade stock, vegetable, beef, but by far the most versatile stock for soup is chicken. Once you have this chicken stock made all sorts of ingredients can be added: diced or shredded chicken, vegetables, rice, beans, noodles, potatoes, matzah balls, tortilla chips, etc. In addition, chicken stock is often a major component of stews and chilis.

So, what makes for a flavorful and memorable chicken stock? If you have frozen chicken carcasses in your freezer, you can start with that; however, most people usually don’t have chicken bones as a staple in their freezer. Anyway, at Spice For Life we suggest using as your basis for the stock an old fowl or stewing hen, it gives more flavor to the broth. In addition, our secret ingredient to add more depth and complexity is veal bones, particularly knuckle bones, which you can get from most butchers. Roasted ahead of time with the carrots and leeks and a little olive oil, and then added to the pot takes the chicken stock to a new level. Then it is up to you to decided what vegetables to add. We use celery, carrots, leeks, and parsley. Our spices are chosen to add subtle flavors to the stock, not to overwhelm. So, our choices are: whole Black Tellicherry peppercorns, sweet Hungarian paprika, Mediterranean oregano, kosher salt, and fresh garlic. For the exact proportions, check out the recipe and then you are ready to make a your own wonderful version of chicken soup. Also, check out Spice For Life customer, Casey Durkin's Italian Bean Soup with Greens.

Enjoy and stay healthy!

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