At Spice For Life, at least twice a week we are asked to recommend to a customer a seasoning for steak. People are looking for a seasoning that will not overwhelm the flavor of the steak but enhance it. For the best cuts of beef like a rib eye, NY strip, tenderloin, T-bone and porterhouse, you want the natural flavor of the steak to be the predominant taste. So, we make two recommendations to our customers. For those who are more traditionalist, we suggest just cracked black peppercorns and salt, but with our Spice For Life twist on it. For those customers who want something a little different, we suggest our Expresso Steak Rub.

With top quality beef, sometimes just the simplest of seasonings is the best, freshly cracked black peppercorns and salt. However, we suggest using our bourbon smoked black peppercorns, which has become the store’s signature and most popular spice. The peppercorns are soaked in bourbon for 24-48 hours then smoked over cherry wood, giving a light sweet smoky taste with a delicate bourbon type finish. This adds just a little level of complexity, which enhances the beef flavor. For salt, we recommend sel gris sea salt, a wonderful all-purpose salt. This salt comes from the Brittany coast of France and can be used as both a table salt and a finishing salt. It has a slight briny smell and flavor, which blends well with the bourbon-soaked peppercorns. We recommend seasoning the steak with the freshly cracked peppercorns and salt 24 hours ahead of time and placing it in the refrigerator. See our website for an easy but delicious recipe. If you want a more complex recipe, see our steak au poivre with a bourbon smoked peppercorn sauce.

For a steak seasoning that is a little different but still enhances and does not overwhelm the flavor of the beef, we have our expresso steak rub. This blend is especially good on a thick rib eye or porterhouse cut. No rub enhances the flavor of steak better than a rub that contains ground expresso beans, that are paired with a little heat from chilis and balanced with some sweetness. The ingredients in this blend are coffee, ancho and New Mexican chilis, brown sugar, cacao, paprika, mustard, ginger, and salt. Again, we

recommend seasoning the steak 24 hours ahead of time and placing it in the refrigerator. Our expresso rubbed steak recipe is also on the website.

Enjoy! During these cold winter months, there is nothing like the comfort food of a good steak!